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Fun Buggy Tour

Established in November 2012, Fun Buggy's is the first and original Buggy Company in Sihanoukville. Fun Buggy's are the perfect way to see and experience the real sights of Cambodia. These buggy's will impress you by their ability to pass nearly anywhere. Visit the Waterfall, with a half day to Kbal Chay, by far the most popular tour, you will reach the waterfall 10% road 90% off road, with many fantastic sights along the way. Full day Kbal Chay - Same as the half day with many more stops and varying terrain with lunch and beverages included. Feel the off road with a half hour fun tour, or one hour fun tour you have a chance to extend any tour for a small price if you are having more fun than you imagined. Enjoy a sunset tour after an off road experience, watching the sun go down at one of Sihanoukville highest view point then driving back with some of the most amazing sunsets across the countryside! Experience the real Cambodia and the best way to explore. These buggy's are an alternative to dirt bikes if you are not a biker or don't feel safe on two wheels. Road legal and easy to operate. The kid's too can drive if they reach the pedals. Fun Buggy's are a great day out for all.


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