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Teeming with noise, urban chaos and unending delights – Hong Kong awaits you!

Why not take a walking tour with the service of a local guide and see the best this thriving city has to offer.

Given Hong Kong’s long and fascinating history, there are still quite a number of historical monuments or landmarks to be appreciated especially those built during the Colonial period when Hong Kong was administered by the British which began in the 19th century.

These very interesting buildings and landmarks are mostly located in the Central District known as part of Victoria City which has served as the centre of trade and financial activities from the earliest day of British colonial era in 1841, and continues to flourish and serve as the administrative centre after the transfer of sovereignty to China in 1997.

Historical monuments and buildings include:

- The Former Legislative Council Building and home of the Supreme Court until 1985, when it was renamed.
- The Cenotaph constructed in 1923 and located between Statue Square and the City Hall, commemorating the dead in the First and Second World War that served in Hong Kong in the armed forces. It is an almost exact replica of the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London.
- The site of the Former French Mission Building - a declared monument currently housing the Court of Final Appeal. The present three-storey building was built in 1917. The original structure dates back to 1842 where the first Governor resided. The building was subsequently accrued by the Missions Étrangères de Paris in 1915.
- St. John’s Cathedral, the second oldest building in Hong Kong and the oldest Anglican Church in the Far East, opened for service in 1849. It is an unadorned adaptation of 13th century English and Decorated Gothic, During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong from 1941 to 1945, the Cathedral was converted into a club for the Japanese.
- Flagstaff House one of the oldest British-style architecture remaining in Hong Kong located within the Hong Kong Park. It has been a longtime residence of the Commander of the British forces in Hong Kong during colonial times. Today Flagstaff House houses the Museum of Tea Ware.

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