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Bangkok is located on the banks of the River Chao Biya, Td life and traditional with a modern paradox is interesting because it brings together the ancient past and celebrate with new and exciting. Bangkok is the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand to more than two centuries ago, during a period of 20 years ago have been made many changes within the city more than any other period in history, where there were many buildings of concrete and glass high, which may have reshaped the skyline and highways multiple passages were re- map of the city in general Mwzarp constellation of modern technology. The full impact of all activities Altnh is the conversion of Bangkok to become by far the best ever, greener, more comfortable and faster means of roaming and transportation, whether land or sea within the capital. As well as options for shopping and eating foods and entertainment has expanded dramatically in the past two decades. And now available modern luxury purchases like artefacts, as compared Balochriat Thai restaurants that offer various types of international foods and recipes in addition to that entertainment can be a huge musical such as presentations of traditional Thai Cultural Center. At the same time they present a modern succeeded Bangkok in maintaining raised and memorials are added to flavor traditional oriental. It is still the city of temples and palaces Baklalla Golden, ceilings, orange, and with clothing Almonak Zaafaraniya O_ka's statues of Buddha in each of the streets of Bangkok corresponding. traditional and best known specifically the Grand Palace and the Temple of Buda building of garnet, remain as they are the best of forms. Just as the magnificence of rhythm as well as in landscapes Home, the Bangkok retains flavor, originality, special, In everything in Bangkok is reflected component of the elements of originality Thai, where the sense of subjective you do not see elsewhere. As well as technological development and medical particular, has increased luster hospitals in Thailand and Bangkok in particular between the countries of the world as one of the advanced countries in the treatment, and often find arriving Arab within the Bangkok Hospital in view of the treatment services of high-quality and low cost compared with other European. And so unique to Bangkok the world stage and retain the character does not change, specializes in stand-alone, which allows for the traveler to discover the place is already different from the rest of the other places and seeing all that is new and unique.
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