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The House Restaurant, Luang Prabang, specializes in Belgian food, but it does not stop there. The restaurant also serves French and Italian dishes.

A selection of Lao dishes made from local ingredients is served, too. The team visits the nearby vegetable market every day for fresh herbs and vegetables - things like lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger, bamboo, and other typical Lao flavorings. Fresh local fish is also an important part for the Lao fish dishes.
Try one of the Belgian beers and combine it with a taste of Laos.

The House Restaurant in Luang Prabang is located within Luang Prabang’s Old Town. The house that holds The House Restaurant was built in 1953 and is made of brick, cement, and beautiful local rosewood. It was lovingly restored in 2007 according to UNESCO standards and is one of the protected buildings of this heritage city.

The House Restaurant has become a well-known and -liked meeting point because of its setting, its unique beer selection, and of course, its food. Its central location makes it a short, easy walk from The House Restaurant to the town’s shopping and entertainment options.

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