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If you plant a single grain of rice and care for it until it has completed its life cycle and has come to fruition, you could harvest about 250 grains from this one single little seed! Have you ever wondered just how rice, which remains an important food staple for many people worldwide, is grown?
The Living Land Organic Farm just outside of Luang Prabang has put together a sensational hands-on activity which takes you through all the steps involved in the planting and harvesting of rice.
Become a rice farmer for a half day, learn the A to Z of this ancient practice that has accompanied man throughout centuries. You will learn how to select the seeds, how to plant and harvest the plants and you will even be able to plough the fields alongside the farm’s tourist friendly water buffalo and after all that hard work and fun, to finally indulge and tantalize your taste buds with a memorable rice tasting experience.
Both of these “Rice is Life” programs provide an opportunity for families and people of all ages to actively participate in a fun and unique learning experience.

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