1. محمد عبد القادر

    First Druk Gyalpo (King) and his men in colour

    Courtesy: BBS It took him three years of intricate effort to come out with the coloured version of the First Druk Gyalpo’s photograph. Deo Narayan, an entrepreneur, dedicated three hours every day, on the project for the last three years, to transform the black and white photograph of the...
  2. أبوسيف

    King Power Downtown Complex , Bangkok

    Location : Rangnam Rd. The two-storey retail store, covering 12,000sq m, offers a wide range of luxury merchandise, watches, leather goods, perfumes, skincare products and cosmetics, electrical appliances and jewellery. Thai handicrafts, silk, souvenirs and a large selection of spirits...
  3. أبوسيف

    Ratchaphruek Garden – Royal Flora for His Majesty the King

    Location : Hang Dong District Ratchaphruek Garden is nestled in a lush mountain landscape, this 400 rai (240,000m2) of land is indeed a picturesque setting, not only the garden itself with its many plant and flower species, but also its unique and delicate artwork and architecture which...
  4. أبوسيف

    فندق بولمان بانكوك كينغ باور

    نظرة عامة : فندق بولمان بانكوك كينغ باور من أجمل الفنادق فى بانكوك فئة الـ 5 نجوم ويقع بالمنطقه الثالثه (رانجنام ) حى (راتشاوى) القريب من منطقة الباتونام الشهيره بالأسواق الشعبيه بالعاصمه بانكوك , ويتألففندق بولمان بانكوك كينغ باور من 382 غرفة ضيافه وأجنحه فاخره جميعها مصمم على احدث الطرق من...